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Chic Purple 

A simple modest chic look. Two (or more) toned colours are so flattering and keeps your outfit simple with just enough creativity to admire.


The use of feminine colours, like the different shades of purple I am wearing here, create a sense of elegance, especially when being broken up with everyone’s favorite colour – black.

I have paired my purples with black leggings, a black scarf tied into a turban, and black heeled boots. The use of black really helps any colour you wear to pop right out.

Difference textures of the same shades can also compliment one another if you can figure what to use more or less of.

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The truth About #Hijab Fashion Week SA

Hello lovely ladies.

First off, i want to stress that i have nothing against anyone’s decisions about whether or not they have chosen to stay with Hijab Fashion Week SA or not. I  respect everyone’s decision. I just want to shed some light on all the negativity surrounding the event since yesterday.


#HFWSA has had some bloggers who recently decided to pull out of the event. This information was brought social media.

During the day, I started seeing so many NEGATIVE posts about #HFWSA from loads of people online. This was so disappointing to me. I received messages from followers who said it seems like the bloggers who decided to stay on board with the event seemed like they have no integrity and were lying to their followers about the event, and i am one of those bloggers. I won’t lie, all the negativity from the public surrounding the event yesterday was making me feel like i needed to pull out. I started to feel guilty that i am still a part of the event.

I spoke to a friend and was encouraged to speak. I want to reassure everyone that the bloggers who left is in no way connected to the bloggers who stayed. Everyone had made a decision which was best for THEMSELVES and i fully respect the decisions made by everyone involved.

My biggest problem were the few followers who took it upon themselves to decide who had integrity or not.

The event ENCOURAGES sisterhood and woman empowerment. It ENCOURAGES support to our local brands who work hard at giving us what we need. It ENCOURAGES the growing industry of modest fashion. It gives us a chance to meet and support each other in person rather than just online. 

In light of everything that has happened in the last two days, I must say that I am extremely disappointed with our Muslim community here in SA. An event which encourages woman empowerment and success, was actually broken down by the very people we are meant to encourage. How does something so exciting and positive become something that is darkened with negativity?

I urge us all in the Muslim community, especially as women, to learn from this. Start SUPPORTING one another instead of breaking each other down. When something happens that you don’t agree with, keep it yourself. Don’t ruin it for everyone else. There is no need to discourage anything unless its truly bad for you.

I have been really looking forward to seeing so many of you at the event. Please come and say HI to me! I am quite shy in person so don’t be surprised when I am surprised by you 🙂 ..

Click here for more information on the event.

Lastly, I just want to say (again), to all the people who are no longer a part of the event, I respect your decision made. You made the best decision for YOU.

To all the ladies who decided to stay, we will make this work! And I look forward to seeing you there!

The show must go on!

Click here to book your tickets!

Allah knows best…

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Hijab Fashion Week SA || 13th & 14th May 2017

Hello Beautifuls!

As you already know (from the title), Hijab Fashion Week SA 2017 is around the corner and i will be one of the bloggers for the event!

Click here to purchase tickets.

The event, which normally takes place in Cape Town, is now taking place at the Image Lifestyle center in Fordsburg, Johannsburg (where that yummy Jimmy’s Prawns is located) for the FIRST time.

With the event taking place a couple of days before the month of Ramadan, it is a perfect time to get your hands on some gifts for your loved ones (and yourselves). You can get into contact with local modest fashion designers and order straight off the runway!

You wouldn’t want to miss out on the exciting goodie bags, giveaways, talks or hijab tutorials!

Meet and get to know some of your local (and fabulous) modest fashion and inspirational bloggers who are spreading the “modest fashion” trend in and around South Africa while working hard -along with growing brands- to give modest fashion a fresh and captivating look.

Look forward to meeting:

  • ME (Obvs) Shene’ – @modestisle
  • Stylexplora @stylexplora
  • Veiled Beauty @veiledbeautyza
  • Hijabi In Jozi @hijabiinjozi
  • Belle Blush @belleblushh

There is so much talent to support and be PROUD of when it comes to our local modest fashion designers! They work hard in giving us what we are looking for when it comes to dressing modestly. There are some things that are almost impossible to find in in-store that our local designers offer and you can never give TOO MUCH support to our lovely sister fashion designers. They need to be appreciated for all their efforts for us modest dressers!

Here’s a line up of the brands who will be hitting the runway


  • Fabulous In Hijab @fabulousinhijab
  • Bahiya @bahiya_couture_international
  • Ostora @o_s_t_o_r_a
  • Adore By Adila @adorebyadila
  • Shop Style Snap


  • Ajmaan @ajmaan_official
  • Arabics @arabics_za
  • My Online Souk @myonlinesouk
  • Red Ruby
  • Ruhee @ruhee.collection
  • StyleXplora @shopstylexplora

Guest Speakers:

  • Hawa Chawafary
  • Mariam
  • Fatima Bhaha
  • Zaheera Bham

I am proud to be part of #HFWSA. Fashion and beauty aside, the event empowers us women to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN. It grows our bond of “sisterhood” and it gives us a chance to appreciate each other in person rather than just online.

I would truly love to meet you there!


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Visiting The CIRCA Gallery

Hey everyone!

So hubby and i decided to start doing more, and when i say more i mean, not relaxing and watching movies ALL weekend long, but instead going out to visit places we have never been before, and then coming home and watching movies.

We’ll be visiting more and more places around Gauteng in the coming weeks and I cannot wait to share it all with you! Hopefully it will inspire you to get out there and get to know more of your own country/province here in SA, or wherever you are from in the world.


Although it is rather small in size, it took us about an hour to go around the look at (almost) each piece of contemporary art that the gallery holds, then we took one more stroll around just because we enjoyed it so much.

The most impressive piece or art that i saw was the architecture of the Circa Gallery itself! The building is a piece of art, welcoming you inside it’s world so that you can get to know it. It holds a comfortable, safe and inspirational environment for anyone who wishes to be there.

It is a great place to for socializing and meeting new people. The entrance is free and there is a lovely little restaurant just next door. It is well worth an inexpensive trip to Rosebank and you can always head to Rosebank Mall for some lunch when you are done (which is what we did 😉 )

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Back In Black

I have always been drawn to the darker side of clothing (amongst other things 😉 ).

I diverted away from it for a little while, but i assure you it was just a phase! Back when a was a teenager, all i would want to wear was black clothing, the only difference is that now I know how to do it in a modest non-emo way. Thank goodness for that! So here are some pics in black and white just to make me look even more awesome. I think. Not to mention what a stylish pair of hoops can do to change a look!


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“Showing Too Much?!”

I have (not so recently) been hit with a huge problem with people telling me how i should and should not dress.

From “You look too modest, show some skin!” to “OMG cover yourself, you are showing too much.”

As a Muslim woman, it is difficult enough as it is trying to keep up with stylish outfits as (clearly shown by all platforms of media) most of the world would much rather see more skin than less.

Nevertheless, my problem does not lie with the rest of the world. Instead it lies with the Muslims and how they judge, bully and condemn you to the point where you feel that you no longer dress for yourself, or more importantly, God Himself, but rather for those same bullies who feel it is their job to tell you what to do and how to dress all because we become afraid of being judged or seen as a “bad” Muslim.

There are many different levels of faith. There are also many different levels of modesty. Faith and modesty are not always on the same page. You could be posing for play boy but still have more faith in God than someone who dresses so modestly that their faces are covered. That was a terrible example but you get my point.

“Modesty” itself is a very relative term. For example, I feel that I dress very modestly, and someone else may look at me and think i am not dressed modestly at all.

We also need to understand that every single individual on this earth has their strengths and weaknesses.  What you may find easy might be the most difficult thing for someone else to do. We all have different opinions and understandings of the way that things work. What we need to remember is to keep our intentions pure because at the end of the day (literally on judgement day) we will be judged according to our intentions.

Do not judge, bully or condemn people just because you FEEL that what they are wearing does not sit well with you. Remember that you also have your own weaknesses. Just because the world doesn’t see your weaknesses does not make you any better or give you any right to put shame on others’ names (IN PRIVATE OR IN PUBLIC). It is not your place.

If everybody were to focus on bettering themselves instead of bettering everyone else, the world would be a very different place. Look inward. Take time to look into yourself. Find out who you are and what your purpose is. Do not worry about what people will think of you. If they want to judge you, let them, they are only hurting themselves in the end. Follow your heart and do what YOU feel is right. I know this sounds very cliche but that doesn’t make it any less true.

Venting is done. For now.

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Chiffon Scarf Stylin’

A YouTube video that i made over a year ago and pretty much forgot about! I hardly even wear chiffon anymore but this sort of makes me want to. Only thing holding me back are them pins! Can’t be having those bad boys so close to my head with a two year old around!