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Autumn Falls

All photography by Red Cappuccino Photography

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Few people know this , but Autumn is my favorite season of the year. To me, it is a time of reflection and a time to prepare for what is to come. It is a time when colours change – and here in SA, the colours only change for a very short while. I love to embrace Autumn and all that it brings, and “leaves” behind.

I had the pleasure of collaborating with a very popular brand – Haya Collective to create this elegant Autumn look.


I am wearing the Olive Maxi Cardigan. It is an army green colour and is perfect for layering outfits. Wear it with stockings, tights, jeans, or even a plain (neutral coloured) long skirt or dress. It also goes well with a high neck shirt, or even shirts with a collar. Don’t be afraid to experiment!


“We offer a range of limited edition styles, available in limited numbers for a limited time only. The aim is to keep Haya Collective items exclusive and ensure that our customers are purchasing unique items.” – Haya Collective


You can dress this one up with a pair of heels for a simple and elegant look, or you could dress it down with a pair of jeans and sneakers and you’re good to go!


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The truth About #Hijab Fashion Week SA

Hello lovely ladies.

First off, i want to stress that i have nothing against anyone’s decisions about whether or not they have chosen to stay with Hijab Fashion Week SA or not. I  respect everyone’s decision. I just want to shed some light on all the negativity surrounding the event since yesterday.


#HFWSA has had some bloggers who recently decided to pull out of the event. This information was brought social media.

During the day, I started seeing so many NEGATIVE posts about #HFWSA from loads of people online. This was so disappointing to me. I received messages from followers who said it seems like the bloggers who decided to stay on board with the event seemed like they have no integrity and were lying to their followers about the event, and i am one of those bloggers. I won’t lie, all the negativity from the public surrounding the event yesterday was making me feel like i needed to pull out. I started to feel guilty that i am still a part of the event.

I spoke to a friend and was encouraged to speak. I want to reassure everyone that the bloggers who left is in no way connected to the bloggers who stayed. Everyone had made a decision which was best for THEMSELVES and i fully respect the decisions made by everyone involved.

My biggest problem were the few followers who took it upon themselves to decide who had integrity or not.

The event ENCOURAGES sisterhood and woman empowerment. It ENCOURAGES support to our local brands who work hard at giving us what we need. It ENCOURAGES the growing industry of modest fashion. It gives us a chance to meet and support each other in person rather than just online. 

In light of everything that has happened in the last two days, I must say that I am extremely disappointed with our Muslim community here in SA. An event which encourages woman empowerment and success, was actually broken down by the very people we are meant to encourage. How does something so exciting and positive become something that is darkened with negativity?

I urge us all in the Muslim community, especially as women, to learn from this. Start SUPPORTING one another instead of breaking each other down. When something happens that you don’t agree with, keep it yourself. Don’t ruin it for everyone else. There is no need to discourage anything unless its truly bad for you.

I have been really looking forward to seeing so many of you at the event. Please come and say HI to me! I am quite shy in person so don’t be surprised when I am surprised by you 🙂 ..

Click here for more information on the event.

Lastly, I just want to say (again), to all the people who are no longer a part of the event, I respect your decision made. You made the best decision for YOU.

To all the ladies who decided to stay, we will make this work! And I look forward to seeing you there!

The show must go on!

Click here to book your tickets!

Allah knows best…

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Hijab Fashion Week SA || 13th & 14th May 2017

Hello Beautifuls!

As you already know (from the title), Hijab Fashion Week SA 2017 is around the corner and i will be one of the bloggers for the event!

Click here to purchase tickets.

The event, which normally takes place in Cape Town, is now taking place at the Image Lifestyle center in Fordsburg, Johannsburg (where that yummy Jimmy’s Prawns is located) for the FIRST time.

With the event taking place a couple of days before the month of Ramadan, it is a perfect time to get your hands on some gifts for your loved ones (and yourselves). You can get into contact with local modest fashion designers and order straight off the runway!

You wouldn’t want to miss out on the exciting goodie bags, giveaways, talks or hijab tutorials!

Meet and get to know some of your local (and fabulous) modest fashion and inspirational bloggers who are spreading the “modest fashion” trend in and around South Africa while working hard -along with growing brands- to give modest fashion a fresh and captivating look.

Look forward to meeting:

  • ME (Obvs) Shene’ – @modestisle
  • Stylexplora @stylexplora
  • Veiled Beauty @veiledbeautyza
  • Hijabi In Jozi @hijabiinjozi
  • Belle Blush @belleblushh

There is so much talent to support and be PROUD of when it comes to our local modest fashion designers! They work hard in giving us what we are looking for when it comes to dressing modestly. There are some things that are almost impossible to find in in-store that our local designers offer and you can never give TOO MUCH support to our lovely sister fashion designers. They need to be appreciated for all their efforts for us modest dressers!

Here’s a line up of the brands who will be hitting the runway


  • Fabulous In Hijab @fabulousinhijab
  • Bahiya @bahiya_couture_international
  • Ostora @o_s_t_o_r_a
  • Adore By Adila @adorebyadila
  • Shop Style Snap


  • Ajmaan @ajmaan_official
  • Arabics @arabics_za
  • My Online Souk @myonlinesouk
  • Red Ruby
  • Ruhee @ruhee.collection
  • StyleXplora @shopstylexplora

Guest Speakers:

  • Hawa Chawafary
  • Mariam
  • Fatima Bhaha
  • Zaheera Bham

I am proud to be part of #HFWSA. Fashion and beauty aside, the event empowers us women to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN. It grows our bond of “sisterhood” and it gives us a chance to appreciate each other in person rather than just online.

I would truly love to meet you there!


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Questions to NOT ask a new Muslim

It is very exciting to see meet someone who has been courageous enough to accept such a beautiful religion. It sparks our curiosity and we can’t help the burning desire to know HOW, WHEN, WHY??

Being a Muslim revert myself, i have experienced being bombarded with questions from other Muslims, as well as bombarding other new Muslims to tell me their story. Of course, we never mean to make others feel insecure or uncomfortable because we want to hear their story – we merely want to know out of curiosity.

Unfortunately, for many new Muslims, telling us their story is daunting. We see the greatness in their story because “they have see the light” but what we fail to realize is that for many, the light seems to have almost vanished.


After accepting Islam, the first people they need to face is their family. Accepting Islam is the easy part. The most difficult and biggest test is to face their family. Their family may not understand, be disappointed, upset, or have even cut them off altogether. It is not a fun story to tell when they have to explain how many members of their family they have left. It is a sad, heart breaking, story.


After becoming Muslim, i found this to be the most insulting of all. Although i met my husband BEFORE becoming Muslim (as many new Muslims do), it was because of him that i took the time of day to look into Islam and learn about the religion. If i did not do that, i would never have fallen in love with the religion and would never have become Muslim in the first place. So what would the right answer be? Just because someone marries the person who helped them gain the knowledge and opened the doors they needed does not mean that they became Muslim FOR that person, but rather because of that person. A new Muslim would not want to bee judged for being in a “haram” relationship before the two were married. They enough judgement already from family and friends for marrying a Muslim in the first place, never mind the judgement from the Muslims for being in a haram relationship before they got married to the person.

Although they may marry the person who influenced them to become Muslim, it does not mean that they did not do it for the right reason, the sake of Allah (God) swt. They may marry who they wish, and who better to marry than the one who was their guidance all along.


This is one for the lady reverts. I got your back. Before becoming Muslim, you need to understand that covering of ones hair is not yet considered “normal” to us reverts. We feel odd, ugly and insecure. It is not an easy transition to make. Many friends and family at the time would be encouraging us not to cover our hair. They will be mocking us behind our backs as well as to our faces. Some of them would even be ripping it off our heads. The worst thing you can do is begin to nag them about when they will start covering their hair. We all make the transition in our own time. I was unfortunately not so able to do so as i was made to feel guilty for not wanting to cover my hair from the second day after i accepted Islam. This guilt made me do it even though i resented it. I hated the way i looked, i hated the way people looked at me, and most of all i hated seeing the disappointment and confusion in my families eyes. It is only now, 4 years later, that i am finally confident in my scarf! If i could go back in time i would tell anyone who tried making me feel guilty about not covering my hair to bugger off and leave me alone. When they choose to cover their hair has nothing to do with you. It is between them and Allah swt alone.


AGAIN. That has nothing to do with you. Unlike the people who grew up learning to read salah, the revert did not. To learn the actions and reciting is difficult for someone who has never come across it before. Have you ever tried learning a new language as an adult? It has been 4 years and is still cannot pronounce Arabic letters properly. It took me two years before i was able to read the Salah properly without missing out some of the lines from reciting. Some catch on quicker than others. Do not pressure them. It might make them not want to do it at all.

Becoming Muslim is the best thing that could ever have happened to me. My eyes opened to a newer, better, world. A world i did not know before. But before i could begin to be happy in this new world, i had to find my way out of the old one. New Muslims are not looking to change the core of who they are, but are rather trying to improve who they are. To be better. To strive for more. To not forget who they are or what what they stand for. Pressuring them only pushes them  away from becoming who they strive to be. 



How To Deal With Another Woman’s Success


How To Deal With Another Woman’s Success
We’ve all been there. Trying our best to be the best, only to realise that there will always be someone who seems to be better, or doing better, than us. We end up comparing ourselves to these women and this can sometimes lead us to become disappointed in ourselves as we feel we have not accomplished as much as they have. Some of us become depressed and want to give up, some of us become green with jealousy and want to knock the other woman down, and then there are some of us who know just how to cheer the other woman along and better themselves while doing so.Here are some tips on how you can support another womans success while trying to build your own.

1) Number one rule! And do not forget this one. Remember that what is meant to be, will be. What is not meant to be, will NOT be, no matter how much you try. There is a plan for every single human being on this earth and a journey that each of us will take. If it wasn’t meant to be, then it would never have happened. So embrace what comes to you (and to her) and remember that it is happening because our Almighty Creator (swt) has allowed it to be this way.

2) When you feel depressed because she seems to be doing something better than you, say a prayer. A good prayer. A prayer for HER. Wishing her success and happiness. This will not only help you to change your mind set about others success, but will also gain you countless rewards. Wishing goodness onto someone else will ultimately bring goodness to YOU which means that you will begin to see your own happiness, insha’Allah.

3) There are some of us who are filled with a nasty jealousy. It begins as a little green monster which builds and builds into a big black ball of hatred. We begin to dislike the woman that seems so successful. We are tempted to post something nasty in an attempt to make people see the same dislike in her that you do. We want to bring her down. This, ladies, is not only immoral, but also seriously sinful. You can fix this way of thinking. Next time you feel even a prick of jealousy towards her, say something nice. Give her your best comment that you could possibly give and try to make her day by doing so. Knowing that you have made her happy will again give you a special feeling of happiness in your soul. Over time, you will feel the burden of jealousy lift off of your shoulders as you strive to better yourself.

4) Remember: “Girls knock each other down, but WOMEN help lift each other up!” I absolutely love this saying. You will never ever be where you want to be if you keep knocking other people down so that you can get to the top. As women, we are meant to empower and help one another. Do not be afraid to help another woman out just because you feel she might steal your spotlight. This is a childish way of thinking and may just come back to bite you in the bum when she surpasses your “success” without you.

5) Whether it be blogging, cooking, being a mom, or working in a law fir, I am sure that we are all, to a certain degree, passionate about what we are doing in our lives. Well ladies, the women that we are so “envious” of, are most likely just as passionate (or even more so) than you are. You need to be able to recognise this passion in her and identify it within yourself. You will realise that you ladies might not be so different after all – which brings me to my next point.

6) If you are able to get to know her personally, then do so. She may be the one person who recognises the passion in you as she has in herself. She may be the one person who helps you reach your goals.

7) Consider the time that it took her to get as far as she has. Perhaps she has been doing this particular thing for over 10 years, and you have only just begun. Chancers are that she had worked hard and struggled to get to where she is over time. Set some goals for yourself to be even further than she is after 10 years BUT BE REALISTIC.

8) Remember that there is nothing wrong with a little healthy competition. It helps you to better yourself and your work.

9) Do not be intimidated and do not give up. If you are doing something you are truly passionate about, giving up will not an option to you no matter how much better others may seem to be. You will never give up even if no body sees your work. She wouldn’t be where she is if she gave up because she was intimated by everyone else.

10) Read the number one rule again. Remember that her success is due to her, just as yours is due to you, insha’Allah!

Jazakallah’khair and thank you ladies for taking your time to read this. If you have any further suggestions on dealing with others success, please comment below. What has worked for you?

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